Should I get paint protection for my new car?

Paint Protection is a covering that acts as a shield for your car and protects it from dust, oil, and other abrasive particles, which can dull the overall surface of the vehicle. Also, it makes it easier to go through the car washing process as it reduces the frequency of polishing the car surface, which eventually brings down the expenses. Getting the Paint Protection service for your car can be a little expensive, but it is something you will thank yourself for down the years. The biggest question here is, should you get paint protection for a new car, and if so, from where?

What is Paint Protection?

The PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a thin film, either transparent or colored, which has self-healing properties. This film is made up of an elastomeric polymeric substance that retains its original shape once stretched or altered. Paint Protection not only keeps away those heartbreaking scratches but also does not allow dust, grease, oil, and washing chemicals to settle on the surface.